S3E2       (2015)

​​David Ellison records the intro to the latest episode of his podcast, 'The Talkest Hour'.

Notes for improving your life:
In 2015, I was going into production for the short film Guilty, in its original incantation... But at the last minute it all fell through.  First one of our main cast members cancelled, and as with most artists, I possess that fragile soul that tells me that if the egg is cracked, it isn't worth saving.   But I tried, I fought hard with myself and the help of the lead actress in Guilty (Lea Beighley) and kept trying to stride on, and do it.  But with an impending snow, and a few more discrepencies on what people wanted from the project, it was put on hold.  This (Guilty) was suppose to be the work of two or three locations, two days shooting time, cast of two central characters and a few extras, as well as crew.  

When it was all said and done, the next day I woke up, and went to a group meditation for the first time ever, and knew that what I had to do, what I had to prove to myself, was that I could still do it no matter what.  So 'S3E2' happened.  

A short that went from pre-production to post-production in one night, written by myself, as well as acting and directing.  Essentially it was only me.  It wasn't and really isn't a bragging right, but as it stands it is an enjoyable short for me to watch, and a crowning self achievement to just regain that strength in myself when struck down.

I encourage anyone, and everyone that whenever life gets you down, to just create something, anything, and you will feel better, because you can say you did it.  

(After this was done, within the next month that followed, I rewrote Guilty to make it smaller and simpler, three sets became one location with trick camera work, the cast became only the central two characters, and the crew became only myself and my best friend who helped me start it all, Will Milosky.)

S3E2 from mattbeard on Vimeo.