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April 19th, 2008... The Port Huron Statement released an album entitled 'Man of the Match'.To celebrate the release of this album, they performed at the Pou​r House in Raleigh, their Farewell Show.Port Huron Statement said goodbye to a packed crowd, performing songs that were created by the decade old band that hearkened back what made Indie music... well... 'Indie'.

That being said, I, Matthew Ryan Williams, had the opportunity to edit together public domain footage to tell the story of the album, to be projected behind the band on stage while they played... It was since that night in 2008 that my Mac G4 basically bit the dust, and I was pretty sure I had lost everything, that was until recent when I discovered the footage almost as it was the night it showed, only once... in 2008.

So, what lies ahead is 36-minutes of imagery and music combined together to tell the story of The Port Huron Statement: Man of the Match. Enjoy this previously unreleased footage from that fateful night on April 19th, 2008.

​Sincerely,Matthew Ryan Williams

The Port Huron Statement - Man of the Match

video composer - 2008